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What if you wrote the book you wanted to write? Not worried about what anyone else might think. Not worried about how it's 'supposed to be done.' Or what methods you're 'supposed' to follow. Or what you heard another author say is the 'only way.'


What if you ignored the self-doubt? The imposter syndrome. The urge to compare yourself to the success of others.


What if you just sat down in your favorite spot, opened a notebook or a laptop and just let the words flow? What kind of book would pour out of you? What kind of characters would you create?


What if you didn't get caught up in the fear of failure or criticism?


What if you believed in and trusted your talent? Confident. Thriving. Elevated. Succeeding. Unbothered.


What if... 💋

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Writing doesn't have to be hard. Writing doesn't have to be tedious.

Once upon a time, I wrote a trilogy without knowing what the hell I was doing. I had no background in the literary world. I wrote these books on a whim.

It didn't take me years to get a publishing deal. It took me six weeks. All the publishers I submitted my book to wanted it. 

I was on a mission to fulfill my goal. I still am. 
I'm not letting anything get in my way. I'm just getting started. 

The message here? You can write the novel of your dreams and get it in the hands of thousands of people. You can still go after it. You are capable, deserving and people want you to share your talent. 


You will never fail at writing, even though you feel what you've written is bad. The great thing about words on a page is you can strengthen them, change them or delete them if they aren't serving you or the story.

It's time we trusted our talent.

It's time to take that leap and write with confidence and passion.

It's time to ignore the outside world of the 'supposed to's' and align yourself with your inner guidance. 

It's time to unleash your creative energy



and share it with the world.

Writing comes from the heart.

Writing is born in our soul.

Creating characters and worlds that people love to lose themselves in is our calling.


Writing isn't about forcing a story or words onto paper that don't feel organic or genuine.

To be a writer is to share those stories from your soul,

to let your voice be heard loud and clear.

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What if you just let your creativity flow?


What are you afraid will happen if you unleash the story inside you?


What if you stepped into what YOU truly want with no apologies and did things in ways that work for you?

What if you embraced who you are and what you're made of?

What will happen when you ignore everyone else's opinion?

How limitless will your creativity become when you rise above the outside noise from doubters and naysayers?

Rewriting the Author Mindset will guide you to those answers. You already know what they are, you just need that nudge in the right direction.


In this course, I'll be your cheerleader and biggest fan. You'll learn exactly what I did to write books that resonated not only with what I wanted as an author, but with thousands of readers around the world.

Hello friend!

I'm Lynn Montagano


I am an author, just like you.

I'm the proud creator of sexy, emotional and captivating stories. My debut trilogy, The Breathless Series, has been read all over the world, drawing readers in with realistic, relatable characters and a hard-to-put-down storyline.

My career is filled with all types of writing; from press releases and promotional materials to scripts for live TV news. In my 15+ years of experience, I've trained new writers right out of college and given refreshers to people getting back into the industry.

For me, writing is a calling. Writing is a way to express the deepest parts of who you are. 

The program I'm sharing with you right now will help you create the novel you've been dreaming about writing. We'll work together to clear any creative blocks or negative patterns you have regarding your writing. 

It's my intention to help you get your stories to the masses, so the world can fall in love with your characters. 


What You'll Get

MODULE ONE: Clarity & Focus. Learn how to shift your negative patterns around writing so ideas flow with little effort. In this module, we'll go through all the steps to clear any creative blocks and put you on the path for what you truly want without anything getting in your way.

MODULE TWO: Unleashing Your Inner Writer. Create your story in the way that feels best for YOU. In this module, we'll break down panster vs plotter, energy management, how to deal with procrastination & distractions, and (oh, yeah) what to do with all those ideas. 

MODULE THREE: Inspiration & Storycrafting. This module is all about taking inspired action. We'll talk about "writing what you know," dig into showing vs telling and discuss some dialogue techniques. It all comes down to writing it YOUR way. Then we'll do some work on attracting your ideal reader to your story.

Powerhouse Author Facebook Group: Connect with other like-minded authors for additional support, guidance and wisdom. I'll be there as well to cheer you all on and answer any questions.

Rewriting the Author Mindset Workbooks: These workbooks are designed as companion pieces for each module. They'll prompt you to dig deep as you move through this course. The workbooks also serve as an amazing reminder of the goals you set and the inner work you mastered as your dreams come to life. You'll receive a digital workbook with each module.

Rewriting the Author Mindset is designed to grow with you as a writer.

Each time you rewatch a module, you'll pick up something new, depending on where you are in your writing journey. As I grow in my journey as a full-time author, I'll add even more content to help you on your path. All of that will be available to you immediately as soon as it's created.



Rewriting the Author Mindset is held completely online!

The three modules have been recorded for you.

You have unlimited replays & lifetime updates to this course.

That means, any modules or bonuses I add to this course in the future are automatically yours.

If you have any questions, email me:

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Enroll to receive lifetime access to Rewriting the Author Mindset & access to your Powerhouse Author Support Group.

You have all content & any future updates for life.



Use the button below to get on the waitlist to be the first to know when it opens. You'll also receive a free copy of my guide, Crush the Creative Block Struggle.


By enrolling in this course, you agree to our Standard Terms and Conditions.


What if I don't have time to take this course now?

The modules will be available to you immediately, but it's up to you when you start. The content is yours forever, so you can take the course at your own pace.

Do you offer a payment plan?

YES! I want to make sure everyone who feels called to take this course has the opportunity to do so. You will find the payment options when you click to order.

What can I expect from this course?

Inspired, elevated content. A different way of approaching your creative side to give it the nurturing it needs. A fresh perspective on writing and the process of creating a novel. Teachings with practical and energetic steps laid out for you. 

Can you guarantee specific results?

I love this course and fully believe in the principles in it. Every method discussed, every step taken has been part of MY process as a published author. Writers I've trained have gone on to have amazing careers in their respective fields. However, since I have no way of knowing what you will do with the program, I can not guarantee specific results.

More questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out to me:

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