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This is me. No holds barred. No more holding back what I want, or how I want to achieve it. The destination is the same, the way the road leads there is changing.

Here's what I want:

To finish my latest WIP.

To grow my platform.

To be a best-selling author.

To have my books optioned by @passionflix (your girl has big dreams ).

I also want:

More readers.

More people watching and listening.

A bigger audience.

A wider reach

All of that sounds slightly terrifying but you know what? Growth is unsettling. It gets us out of our comfort zones and onto the path we were meant to follow.

It's time to forge that path to keep going, keep growing, keep stepping into our goals.

You might lose some people along the way. That's OK. You're just clearing space for the ones meant to forge ahead with you.

Keep elevating.

Keep rising above the noise.

Be bold.

Go bigger.

Embrace your purpose unapologetically. 💋

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