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Updated: May 12, 2021

Your next level awaits but will you fully embrace it? Will you go after it? I've been toying with that thought for the past week. I'm trying to make all the right moves to step into this next phase of my career. And you know what? There are no "right" moves, there's just the movement into making it happen.

I've learned the more you align yourself with that movement, the more you will see things fall into place. The clearer you get on your goal, the easier it becomes to walk the path you were meant to follow.

What I want hasn't changed. I said them before, I'll say them again:

✨Finish Broken/Beautiful.

✨Grow my platform.

✨Have a wildly successful book launch.

✨Attract more readers.

✨Reach a bigger audience.

✨Create more.

✨Inspire more writers.

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. There's nothing to lose, nothing to prove and no need to impress.

The path is open. The time is now.

LFG!!!! 💋💕

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