COMING 2023...


It started in the English countryside when he stopped to see if I was having car trouble.

It should have ended there.


But it turned into three of the most intense days of my life. And guess what? It didn’t end there either.


He’s everything I want.

Everything I dreamed about.

Everything I can’t have.


If he finds out what I’ve done, what I’ve destroyed, he’ll leave. Broken people like me don’t deserve a happy ending.




I thought pulling off the road to help a stranded motorist would be simple. But nothing is simple when it comes to that fiery American redhead.


She had me questioning the parts of me that I’d buried. She’s the gasoline to a fire I’d put out years ago. Now I’m desperate to unlock her darkest secrets.


She thinks she’s broken. What she doesn’t know is I’m just as broken. Maybe even more. But she’s my light and I’ll stop at nothing to make her see that.